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Wedding Party Entertainer

Looking for a Wedding Party Entertainer in the Bristol area? To suit children and adults of all ages?

Look no further! Whith his 'bag of tricks', his
trusty wand and a selection of his favourite
puppet friends - Johnny G will weave his spells of trickery & silliness, to ensure even Nanny and
Grandpa have a great Day.

Balloon animals will then be made up for all
the Boys and Girls before Johnny G has to go.

Weddings and Children!

Whilst it is lovely to have children at your wedding, there is nothing worse than bored and moaning kids disrupting the wedding breakfast speeches. Why not have a Puppet show for children away from the main wedding reception? I can offer 1 or 2 hour entertainment packages which will allow you to enjoy your post-wedding breakfast.
I can also provide games that
will keep children and adults
amused. Not to mention of
course, bubble machines.

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